“Trevor is the ideal realtor. He has worked in both commercial and residential, so his expertise and knowledge is top tier. He is an excellent communicator who will lay things out plainly with polite reminders to help you stay on track. Trevor is detailed oriented and looks at things closely to help you get the most out of the process. Overall, if you want deep knowledge / connections, someone taking a look closely at everything, excellent communication, and to have a seemless experience… Trevor is your guy.” – Cody

“Trevor is an excellent agent. I had a chance to meet Trevor when my friend was looking for a house in Columbus. When my parents and I was looking for the first house, I knew immediately that I would like to work with Trevor. He was professional and personal. Trevor was extremely helpful, transparent, and reliable through the whole process. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand from making the offer, to working with the loan officer. He always goes above and beyond in every step, like to check foundation of the house or to help us get all the information needed. Especially because, as a first-time buyer, I didn’t know all the questions I should be asking when working with the mortgage lender. Trevor prepared a list of questions for me to ask the mortgage lender. Not only did I feel like I had all the information I need to make those decisions, but I also felt like I was in good hands. He was extremely communicative and easy to reach to always answer any of our questions. With Trevor’s help, our first home buying process was smooth. Overall, I would strongly recommend Trevor to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, especially if they are first-time homebuyers. I would trust him with my eyes closed and their attention to detail and level of time/dedication to his clients is outstanding. He truly makes me consider him not just an agent, but a friend.” – Ngan H

“Trevor was extremely helpful and responsive during the whole experience of looking at homes and then eventually buying a new build home. He went above and beyond to address any concerns that I had, and on top of that, reached out to me whenever something was in my best interest that I didn’t have the knowledge about. I will definitely be in contact with Trevor in the future if I need any more real estate help!” – Kalyn D.

“Trevor is awesome! He sold my condo in Columbus while I’m living in GA and I couldn’t have done it without him! He communicated all the details in a timely fashion and was always reachable. He is honest, hard working and knowledgeable. You can’t ask for anything more!” – Lina V.

“This guy went every extra mile there was and it blew us away at every turn. I can’t imagine how our house hunt would have gone if we were working with someone else. We started looking and putting in offers but he found a new build option that blew us away. We ended up getting a very nice house without having to worry about the intensity of the Columbus market. Absolutely would recommend Trevor to anyone looking for a home.” – Greg

“It is my pleasure to write this review for Trevor. He has worked with us beyond my expectation thru a long process of finding a property suited for us in this difficult market. His quality of patience, understanding, and helpfulness are the best traits besides the listed ones. We learned a lot from him in the process of buying, auctions, viewing/inspections, and negotiations. After months of zero luck in winning properties, Trevor called with good news. We won the house even thought we had little hope, thinking we would be out bid again as always. We are very thankful for Trevor’s hard work and assistance. We definitely recommend him for any real estate needs. If we ever sell the future, we would like to use his service as well. Thank you Trevor!” – Marlon

“Trevor was awesome to have on our side. He answered our questions and sought out answers in a timely manner and informed us of what was needed every step of the way. I highly recommend him!” – Ernesto

“I had an amazing experience with Trevor as my realtor. He was prompt and professional always. He helped me buy and sell my properties and did an outstanding job with both transactions. He was always available for showings and any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. Even after closing he has taken the time to follow up with me. I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling. Thank you Trevor for finding me my perfect home.”- Julie

“Trevor did a great job selling the existing home and buying another home for us. He was very responsive, always professional and made the whole process go pretty smooth.” – Pete

Why Guitars and Real Estate?

A melody is a sequence of notes arranged in a pattern which reflects a piece of the artist…life…the cosmos. A guitar may only have six strings, yet those strings can create endless melodies, endless emotion, and endless possibility. How unfortunate would it be if one only learned to play a single melody on a guitar?

According to Investopedia, real estate is ‘the land along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made…’.  In other words real estate consists of not just the dirt, but also everything that is upon, over, under, or within it- the grass, trees, water, utilities, buildings, and even the air. How unfortunate would it be if all of these features were overlooked just for the “dirt”?

A person, like real estate, is more than just “the dirt”. The facets of a person, just like the melodies of a guitar, are numerous. I am so much more than a Realtor. I am a husband, father, son, brother, musician, entrepreneur, fan of countless forms of entertainment, and goofball. I left the corporate world in 2020, and since then I’ve spent my time creating my own story. Where I’d previously felt stagnant, like I had little control, and was content to just let life happen, I have come to understand that life is motion. Quite the opposite of stagnation.

I’ve decided that part of my journey will be to market ME, all of me, not just the realtor. What does this mean? Well my first step is to combine two of my passions, music and real estate, through the launch of my website, Guitars N’ Real Estate. Anyone who is close to me knows how much I love music, and I am thrilled about this new direction. I plan to have a blast coming up with ways to incorporate music into real estate.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to catch a concert, buy/sell some real estate, or just grab lunch.