Out of Five

4.50 (short of 5.00, which is reserved for the one and only Pink Floyd)


Brit Floyd

Date, Venue.

Aug. 13, 2021 (Friday the 13th) at Express Live


Outdoor show. Thunderstorms and steamy (90 degrees) then the calm and cool settled in for a perfect evening (73 degrees).

Something good, and not so good, about the venue.

Outdoor venue with perfect weather!

Only one line for food, and prior to the show this line was loooooong.

Something good, and not so good, about the band(s).

Brit Floyd makes it possible to experience the power of Pink Floyd today.

No band can truly replicate the experience and power of Pink Floyd in concert.

A few words to describe the show.

What it looks like when a band transcends it’s label of being a ‘cover’ band.

Would I see them again?



Brit Floyd continues to carry the music of Pink Floyd to new generations, paying tribute to the layers, intricacies and nuances of what makes Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd. There are no gaps to be found, and arguably the best cover band in the world today.