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8-1 Zach Williams w We The Kingdom (Christian rock) Celeste Center

8-2 Muna (indie electro pop) Newport Music Hall
8-2 Scotty McCreery (country) Celeste Center
8-2 Horsegirl w Dummy (indie rock) Rumba Café
8-2 The Velveteers (rock) Big Room Bar

8-3 Crowbar (sludge metal) The King of Clubs
8-3 Halocene (rock cover) Skullys Music Diner
8-3 Petite Garcon w/Bed Bits (indie) Ace of Cups
8-3 Ryan Devlin/Steve Kortyka Quintet (jazz, sax) Natalies Grandview

8-4 The Regrettes (punk rock) Newport Music Hall
8-4 Ice Cube (rap) Celeste Center
8-4 Shawn James (rock) Skullys Music Diner
8-4 Widowspeak (indie) Ace of Cups
8-4 John Schwab w/Hadden Sayers (rock blues) Natalies Grandview
8-4 The Darling Suns (indie) Spacebar

8-5 Willie Nelson & Family (country) Celeste Center
8-5 Yachtopia (yacht rock) Rumba Café
8-5 Parker Louis (jazz fusion) Ace of Cups
8-5 The High Kings (Irish Folk) Southern Theatre
8-5 Daniel Champagne (folk, acoustic virtuoso) Natalies Grandview
8-5 Buffalo Rose (folk americana) Natalies Worthington
8-5 Wib Scheider (rock folk) Woodlands Tavern

8-6 Beartooth (rock) Kemba Live
8-6 ConFunkShun (funk soul) Celeste Center
8-6 Struggle Jennings (country rap rock) The King of Clubs
8-6 Paper Airplanes (pop punk rock) Rumba Café
8-6 Heatwave (motown) Ace of Cups
8-6 Dermot Kennedy (Irish folk rock) Palace Theatre

8-7 Dispatch w/O.A.R. (indie roots) Kemba Live
8-7 Oceano, Entheos (metal) Ace of Cups
8-7 Trevor Hall (alt indie folk raggae) Newport Music Hall
8-7 Stephen Day (R&B soul) The Basement
8-7 Death Valley Girls, LA Witch (psych rock, garage rock) Natalies Grandview
8-7 Paisha Thomas (blues gospel) Natalies Worthington

8-8 Andrew McMahon w/Dashboard Confessional (alt indie) Kemba Live
8-8 Yellow Ostrich w/Bathtub Cig (indie rock) Rumba Café

8-9 Drivin N Cryin (southern rock) Natalies Grandview
8-9 Andrew Bird w/Iron & Wine (indie rock folk) Kemba Live
8-9 Hotel Mira (alt rock) The Basement
8-9 The Spill Canvas (alt rock) Rumba Café

8-10 The Driver Era (alt indie) Kemba Live
8-10 Glenn Miller Orchestra (swing dance) Palace Theatre
8-10 Roger Waters (psych rock, Pink Floyd) Nationwide Arena
8-10 The Stolen & Carver Commodore (pop indie) Rumba Cafe

8-11 Goodbye June (Southern Rock) The Basement
8-11 Dizzy Wright w/Beanz (hip hop rap) Skullys Music Diner
8-11 Garbage Greek & The Cordial Sins (garage rock post punk) Rumba Café
8-11 Curtis Salgado (blues soul) Natalies Grandview
8-11 Cary Morin Duo (blues folk bluegrass) Natalies Worthington

8-12 Ted Nugent (classic rock) Kemba Live
8-12 Friendship + Tenci (indie rock) Rumba Café
8-12 Sasquatch (stoner metal band) Ace of Cups

8-13 Hellroys w/Apple Bottom Gang (country rockabilly) Woodlands Tavern
8-13 The Buckinghams (sunshine pop) Huntington Park
8-13 Amelia & Friends (folk bluegrass) Rumba Café
8-13 Sunny Side (jazz) Natalies Worthington

8-14 Ballyhoo and Shwayze w Surfer Girl (alt rock pop rock) Woodlands Tavern
8-14 Sleigh Bells (noise pop electronic) Newport Music Hall
8-14 Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin (led zepplin tribute) The Bluestone

8-16 Kendrick Lamar (hip hop rap) Schottenstein Center
8-16 Archers w/A Sense of Purpose (metal) Rumba Café
8-16 Giraffes? Giraffes! (progressive rock) Ace of Cups

8-17 Lee Bains & The Glory Fires (alt, southern rock) Ruma Café
8-17 Red Healer (blues pop) Natalies Grandview
8-17 Andy Woodsons PawPaw Orchestra (jazz world) Natalies Worthington

8-18 A.R. Rahman (filmi, world, indian) Kemba Live
8-18 Kenny Chesney (country) Historic Crew Stadium
8-18 Emily Nenni w/Teddy & the Rough Riders (country) Woodlands Tavern
8-18 Will Wood (indie folk) Ace of Cups
8-18 Ken Car$on w/Destroy Lonely (hip hop rap) Skullys Music Diner
8-18 Bade (alt rock) Rumba Café
8-18 Jason Eady (country) Natalies Worthington
8-18 Teeny Tucker w/Hughes,Hall,Denney (blues) Natalies Grandview
8-18 Al Steward (folk rock) Southern Theatre

8-19 The Kid LAROI (rap) Kemba Live
8-19 Texas Hill (country, southern rock) Woodlands Tavern
8-19 The Kyle Sowashes, Connections (alt indie rock) Rumba Café
8-19 Brujas Del Sol (pscyh experimental) Ace of Cups
8-19 Maria Walker (soul R&B) Natalies Grandview

8-20 Sierra Ferrell (country folk bluegrass) Woodlands Tavern
8-20 Peaches (electro clash, rap) Newport Music Hall
8-20 Tommy Prine (soul acoustic folk) Rumba Café
8-20 Magnolia (folk americana) A&R Music Bar
8-20 The Moonbats (oldies rock) McConnell Arts Center
8-20 Atimera, Faith in Failure, Corrosive Vengence (metal) The King of Clubs
8-20 Tim Cappello (sax The Lost Boys) Spacebar

8-21 Leon Bridges (soul neo soul) Kemba Live
8-21 Sumac, Big Brave (prog, metal) Ace of Cups
8-21 Wally B Seck (Afro music) The King of Clubs
8-21 David Grier w/Appalachian Swing (bluegrass) Natalies Grandview
8-21 Rod Picott (folk) Natalies Worthington

8-23 Lauv (pop R&B) Kemba Live
8-23 Post Sex Nachos & Similar Kind (indie rock, fusion) Rumba Café
8-23 Popa Chubby (blues rock guitar) Natalies Grandview

8-24 Corey Feldman (rock) The King of Clubs
8-24 Thundercat (funk progressive R&B) Kemba Live
8-24 Jesse Henry Band (rock) Rumba Café
8-24 Jackie Bristow (country americana) Natalies Worthington

8-25 Sweet Lizzy Project (indie rock) Woodlands Tavern

8-26 Breakaway Music Fest (various) Historic Crew Stadium
8-26 Nightrain (G n R tribute) The King of Clubs
8-26 Hello Luna w John Worthy (rock pop) Rumba Café
8-26 Jacketless, HALLIE, Noise Control (indie pop) A&R Music Bar

8-27 Deicide (metal) The King of Clubs
8-27 Jake Miller (pop) A&R Music Bar
8-27 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers (americana) Natalies Worthington

8-28 Midnight North (americana) Woodlands Tavern
8-28 Rema (rap) The King of Clubs
8-28 Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh (world music) Newport Music Hall
8-28 Beausoleil Avec Michael Doucet (folk, cajun) Natalies Grandview

8-30 Interpol w/Spoon (rock post punk) Kemba Live
8-30 Seratones (rock soul) The Basement
8-30 Monolord w/Dorthia Cottrell (doom metal) Skullys Music Diner
8-30 The Collection (pop folk) Rumba Cafe

8-31 Wiz Khalifa (rap) Kemba Live
8-31 Caroline Jones (country pop) The Basement
8-31 Matt Nathanson (rock folk) The Bluestone
8-31 fallfiftyfeet, Ultra Deluxe (metal) Spacebar