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7-1 Cam Cole (blues, rock) Woodlands Tavern
7-1 Knot Brothers (bluegrass) Natalies Worthington

7-2 Riley Green (country) Flannagan’s Dublin
7-2 Aaron Lewis w/Tyler Booth et al (country, rock) The Bluestone
7-2 Huntingtons (punk) Rumba Café
-2 Sean Carney w Ben Levin (blues) Natalies Grandview
7-2 The Farmer & Adele (country, bluegrass) Natalies Worthington

7-3 Bowling For Soup, Less Than Jake (pop punk, alt rock) Kemba Live
7-3 Eilen Jewell (blues, country) Natalies Grandview

7-4 Luna Luna (alt/indie, synth pop) Rumba Café

7-5 Memphis May Fire (metal) The King of Clubs
7-5 Airshow (progressive jam band) Woodlands Tavern
7-5 Country Westerns/Drift Mouth (indie/folk) Spacebar

7-6 Steve Von Till w/Helen Money (experimental, sludge) Rumba Café
7-6 Scott Kirby (folk) Natalies Worthington
7-6 Public Memory (ambient, synch) Ace of Cups

7-7 Andy Maughan of Barefuzz (jam) Woodlands Tavern
7-7 Perpetual Groove (jam prog rock synth) Woodlands Tavern
7-7 Rett Madison w Liv Greene (country) Rumba Café
7-7 Suzie Brown w Scot Sax (blues folk) Natalies Worthington

7-8 Schism & Sawyer (Tool and Rush tributes) The King of Clubs
7-8 Mike Dawes w/Trevor Gordon Hall (folk acoustic guitar) Woodlands Tavern
7-8 Anne E Dechant (folk blues) Natalies Worthington
7-8 Ana Popovic and Angela Perley (blues rock) Natalies Grandview

7-9 Starset w Red (hard rock, progressive rock) Kemba Live
7-9 hed pe, Crazytown, Flaw, Adema (nu metal) The King of Clubs
7-9 The Receiver/Top Scrub/Billy Carrick (rock) Rumba Cafe
7-9 Sizzy Rocket (alternative pop) The Basement
7-9 Kenny Roby (americana) Natalies Worthington
7-9 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac tribute) Columbus Commons

7-10 Will Kimbrough (folk, blues, rock) Natalies Grandview
7-10 Sheryl Crow w/Keb Mo (country pop blues) Columbus Commons

7-11 Brendan Mayer & Eric Ardman (folk) Woodlands Tavern
7-11 Merci w/ My Kid Brother (alt/indie) Rumba Cafe

7-12 Third Eye Blind/Taking Back Sunday (pop rock, alt rock) Kemba Live
7-12 Show Me The Body w/Soul Glo (indie, sludge metal) Rumba Café
7-12 Dry Cleaning (post punk) Ace of Cups

7-13 Wildermiss (indie rock) Rumba Café
7-13 Sonny Lendreth Trio (blues) Natalies Grandview

7-14 Mighty Mystic (reggae) Woodlands Tavern
7-14 Tommy Malone w/Liz Barnez (blues) Natalies Grandview
7-14 David Ramirez w/Buffalo Hunt (alt country, indie) Rumba Cafe

7-15 Idlewild South Tribute to Allman Bros (southern rock) Woodlands Tavern
7-15 Savannah Conley (folk country pop) The Basement
7-15 Kizz Daniel (afrobeat) The King of Clubs
7-15 STRFKR (indie rock, neo psychedelia) Newport Music Hall
7-15 Thelma and the Sleaze w Worn Flints (rock) Rumba Café
7-15 Vazum w Slow Violence (post punk shoegaze) Spacebar

7-16 Missio (synth pop duo) Woodlands Tavern
7-16 Christopher Cross (yacht, pop) Columbus Commons
7-16 Chuck Mead (country rock) Rumba Café
7-16 Eastwood w Chirp (indie rock) Rumba Café
7-16 The Retrospect/Rooftops etc (rock) A&R Music Bar
7-16 Scott Miller (folk) Natalies Worthington

7-17 Dermot Kennedy (rock folk) Palace Theatre
7-17 Chubby and the Gang (punk) Ace of Cups
7-17 Sadie Johnson Band (blues) Natalies Grandview
7-17 Dry Cleaning (post punk) Ace of Cups
7-17 Benise (spanish guitar) Lincoln Theatre

7-18 Twin Tribes w/Wingtips (alt, indie, pop dance) Rumba Café
7-18 Elf Power (indie rock) Natalies Grandview

7-19 Brick & Mortar w Andres (electronic rock) Rumba Café
7-19 Left to Die (metal) Ace of Cups

7-20 Collective Soul/Switchfoot (rock) Kemba Live
7-20 Kim Richey (rock, folk) Natalies Grandview
7-20 F’ed Up (hardcore punk) Ace of Cups
7-20 Calliope Musicals w/The Fifth House (alt indie) Spacebar

7-21 Jarren Benton (Hip Hop) The Basement
7-21 Chris Cain (blues) Natalies Grandview
7-21 Lombardy (rock) Rumba Café
7-21 Brother Dege (americana, southern) Ace of Cups
7-21 Mary Chapin Carpenter (folk rock) Riffe Center

7-22 Powerman 5000 (hard rock, nu metal) The King of Clubs
7-22 Corey Kent (country) Newport Music Hall
7-22 Foxing (indie, art rock) A&R Music Bar
7-22 Tall Heights (electrofolk) Rumba Café
7-22 Dave Keller (blues) Natalies Worthington

7-23 Buckeye Country Superfest w L Combs, Cody Jinks etc  Ohio Stadium
7-23 Camp Cope (alt rock) Ace of Cups
7-23 Bobaflex (classic rock nu metal) Newport Music Hall
7-23 PJ Morton (R&B pop) Kemba Live
7-23 The Blue Stones & Des Rocs (rock, space rock) Skullys Diner
7-23 Bit Brigade does Zelda, Castlevania etc (instrumental) Rumba Café
7-23 Signals Midwest w Downhaul (post punk, indie) Spacebar

7-24 Adam Calhoun (country rap) The King of Clubs
7-24 Alison Prestwood & Matraca Berg (folk americana) Natalies Worthington

7-25 Family Dinner (indie) Rumba Café

7-26 Sad Summer Fest w Waterparks (pop punk, rock) Kemba Live
7-26 The Runaway Grooms play the Dead (jam) Woodlands Tavern
7-26 Waylon Payne (country) Rumba Cafe

7-27 Brit Floyd (psych rock, progressive) Kemba Live
7-27 Red NOT Chili Peppers (tribute) Woodlands Tavern
7-27 Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum (avant-indie) The Athenaeum

7-28 GoldenOak (indie, soul, folk) Woodlands Tavern
7-28 Shamir (dance pop, indie pop) The Basement
7-28 Sarah Shook & The Disarmers (new age outlaw country) Rumba Café
7-28 Garcia Peoples (jam rock) Natalies Grandview
7-28 Grayscale (alt rock) Skullys Music Diner

7-29 Bee Taylor (R&B soul jazz) Woodlands Tavern
7-29 Foreigner (rock) Celeste Center
7-29 mewithoutyou w/Why (indie art rock) The Athenaeum
7-29 Thomas & The Workmen w North by North (indie) Rumba Café
7-29 The Stews/87 Nights (rock, psych blues) The Basement
7-29 Travis Tritt (country) Midland Theatre

7-30 Ultimate Doors (Doors tribute) The King of Clubs
7-30 Nelly w/ Breland (R&B, hip hop) Celeste Center
7-30 Stan Shady (Eminem tribute) Woodlands Tavern
7-30 Night Moves w/West Ghost (indie) Rumba Café
7-30 Brianna O’Dell and Levi Brown (pop) The Basement
7-30 The Special Consensus (bluegrass) Natalies Worthington

7-31 Chris Brown & Lil Baby (R&B hip hop) Nationwide Arena
7-31 Dru Hill/Raheem DeVaughn (R&B, neo soul) Celeste Center