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6-1 Marcy Playground & Sponge (rock)- The King of Clubs
6-1 Destroy Boys/Scowl (garage punk)- Ace of Cups

6-2 Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (jazz, Brazilian)- Woodlands Tavern
6-2 Matt Heckler (bluegrass)- Rumba Café
6-2 Sideline (bluegrass)- Natalies Worthington

6-3 Wallows (alt rock)- Kemba Live
6-3 Mark Rezaks Shred is Dead (Grateful Dead Tribute)- Woodlands Tavern
6-3 Walk Off The Earth (indie pop/rock)- Newport Music Hall
6-3 Eric Hutchinson (pop,rock)- Natalies Grandview
6-3 Max and Iggo Cavalera (metal)- The King of Clubs

6-4 Post Animal (psych rock)- Ace of Cups
6-4 Ruthie Collins (country)- Woodlands Tavern
6-4 Damn The Witch Siren (electronic rock duo)- Newport Music Hall
6-4 Gene Loves Jezebel (rock)- Rumba Café
6-4 Jay Joseph (hip pop, electro rock)- The Basement

6-7 Benee (alternative pop)- Newport Music Hall
6-7 Blackberry Smoke (rock)- Athenaeum Theatre
6-7 Shamans Harvest (alt metal, hard rock)- Skullys
6-7 Bob Log III (psych blues, experimental)- Natalies Grandview

6-8 The Pickle Mafia (jazz)- Woodlands Tavern
6-8 Mansionair (electronic,alternative)- A&R Music Bar
6-8 De’Wayne (rock,alt rock)- The Basement
6-8 Tomberlin (folk)- Natalies Grandview
6-8 Limbs w/Greyhaven (metal)- Big Room Bar

6-9 Tab Benoit (rock blues)- Woodlands Tavern
6-9 Vovoid (metal)- Ace of Cups
6-9 Chris Tomlin and United (worship,rock)- Nationwide Arena
6-9 Marlon Craft (rap,jazz)- The Basement
6-9 After The Burial (metalcore)- The King of Clubs
6-9 Spirit of the Bear (indie rock)- A&R Music Bar

6-10  Enuff Znuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, et al (rock)- The King of Clubs
6-10 Johnnyswim (folk,soul,blues)- Newport Music Hall

6-11 Wingtip w/JADY (pop)- Rumba Café
6-11 The Cash Box Kings (blues)- Natalies Grandview

6-12 Tiwa Savage (afro beats)- The King of Clubs
6-12 Spikedrivers & Cory Grinder (country)- Woodlands Tavern

6-13 Cut Worms (cowboy pop)- A&R  Music Bar
6-13 Bent Knee (art rock, indie)- Rumba Café
6-13 Primitive Man (metal)- Big Room Bar

6-14 Lord Huron (alt/indie)- Kemba Live
6-14 The Unlikely Candidates (alt/indie)- Rumba Café
6-14 Blacklite District (hard rock)- The Basement
6-14 Starbenders (glam rock)- Big Room Bar

6-15 James McMurty w/Bettysoo (blues,folk)- Skullys
6-15 Claud (indie)- Basement
6-15 Saliva w Otherwise (hard rock)- The King of Clubs
6-15 Chatham Rabbits (bluegrass)- Natalies Worthington

6-16 Spite (metal)- Skullys
6-16 Mark May Band (blues)- Natalies Grandview
6-16 Charlie Puth (pop,R&B)- Kemba Live
6-16 Vundabar (indie rock)- Ace of Cups
6-16 SchwizZ & SunDub (jam,raggae)- Woodlands Tavern
6-16 Almost Monday (pop,indie)- The Basement

6-17 Bastille (electropop,pop rock)- Kemba Live
6-17 Teenage Wrist (alt/indie)- Ace of Cups
6-17 Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country (jam)- Woodlands Tavern
6-17 Helmet (alt metal)- The Basement
6-17 Hughes, Hall & Denney (blues,R&B)- Natalies Worthington

6-18 Crown the Empire (metalcore)- The King of Clubs
6-18 Ambar Lucid (alt,R&B,pop)- A&R Music Bar
6-18 The O’Jays Picnic w/the Pops (R&B)- Columbus Commons

6-19 Polica (synth pop)- The Basement
6-19 Purity Ring (synth pop,dream)- Newport
6-19 John Fullbright (blues,folk)- Natalies Grandview

6-20 Rex Orange County (jazz,indie,hip hop)- Kemba Live
6-20 Diane Coffee w Steven King (alt rock)- Rumba Café

6-22 Maverick City Music (worship)- Schottenstein Center
6-22 Roosevelt (alt,indie,synth pop)- Newport Music Hall
6-22 Slenderbodies (alt,indie)- A&R Music Bar

6-23 The Band Camino (indie,pop)- Kemba Live
6-23 Rachel Baiman (folk,country)- Woodlands Tavern
6-23 Sinclair (rock,pop)- Natalies Worthington
6-23 Strawberry Girls (progressive,metal)- Ace of Cups

6-24 Maren Morris (country,pop)- Kemba Live
6-24 The Motels et al (new wave,alt rock)- The King of Clubs
6-24 Randy Houser (country)- The Bluestone
6-24 Penelope Scott (indie folk)- Ace of Cups
6-24 Municipal Waste (thrash metal)- Skullys
6-24 Nate Smith w Carter Faith (country)- Rumba Café
6-24 Lunar Vacation (indie)- Big Room Bar

6-25 Flogging Molly w/The Interrupters (celtic punk)- Kemba Live
6-25 Saving Abel (rock)- The King of Clubs
6-25 New Years Eve/Thomas and the Workman (indie)- Woodlands Tavern
6-25 New Kids onThe Block/R Astley/Salt N Peppa (pop)- Schottenstein
6-25 Icon For Hire (alt rock, alt metal)- Rumba Café
6-25 The Besnrd Ladies(shoegaze)- Ace of Cups

6-26 Mt Joy (alt rock, indie)- Kemba Live
6-26 Nicole Atkins (soul,R&B)- Basement

6-28 The Wrecks (alt rock)- Newport Music Hall
6-28 Arlie (alt/indie)- Rumba Café

6-29 My Morning Jacket (indie, psych rock)- Kemba Live
6-29 Billy Howerdel (alt rock)- Newport Music Hall

6-30 As I Lay Dying, et al (metalcore)- Kemba Live
6-30 Yellowman (raggae)- Woodlands Tavern
6-30 Sarah Borges w Miss Tess (blues)- Natalies Grandview
6-30 The Acacia Strain (metal)- Ace of Cups