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5-5 Rehab (rap rock)- The King of Clubs

5-5 Smile Empty Soul (post grunge)- Basement

5-5 Larry McCray (blues)- Woodlands Tavern

5-5 Los Hombres de Cool- Rumba Café

5-5 Johnny Mathis (pop/jazz)- Palace Theatre

5-5 Matt Stell (country)- The Bluestone

5-5 Overtime (metal)- The King of Clubs

5-5 Sunny Sweeny (country)- Natalies Grandview

5-5 Slaughter Beach, Dog (indie folk)- Ace of Cups

5-5 The Mango Furs (psychedelic rock)- Space Bar

5-6 Grello/Desmond Jones (jam)- Woodlands Tavern

5-6 Brother Elsey/The Worn Flints (heartland rock)- Basement

5-6 Lauren Sanderson (pop)- Newport

5-6 Willis/Stay Outside (pop/smooth jazz)- Rumba Café

5-6 Huntertones (instrumental jazz)- Natalies Grandview


5-7 Iron Maidens (rock)- The King of Clubs

5-7 Omar Apollo (R&B/funk)- Newport

5-7 Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts (country)- Midland Theatre

5-7 She Bears (indie rock)- Rumba Café

5-7 Cloakroom (shoegaze doom)- Big Room Bar


5-8 Clutch (hard rock)- Kemba Live

5-8 The Hu (metal)- Newport


5-9 Alec Benjamin (indie folk pop)- Kemba Live

5-9 Mannequin Pu**y (punk/indie)- Ace of Cups

5-9 Immolation (metal)- Skully’s


5-10 Disclosure (house/DJ)- Kemba Live

5-10 Black Pistol Fire (rock/southern)- Newport

5-10 Jason Eady&Justin Wells (country)- Rumba Café

5-10 Remo Drive (indie rock)- Basement


5-11 The Mysterines (psychedellic punk)- Basement

5-11 Testament/Exodus (metal)- Newport

5-11 Palace (alt rock)- A&R Music Bar

5-11 Dave Hause&The Mermaid (rock)- Natalies Grandview

5-11 The Band of Heathens (americanca/southern)- Skully’s

5-11 Parkway Drive/Hatebreed (metal)- Kemba Live

5-11 Joe Vann (indie)- Rumba Cafe

5-11 Seth Glier (blues folk)- Natalies Worthington


5-12 Jordan Davis (country pop)- Kemba Live

5-12 Cold (rock)- Skully’s

5-12 Sleaford Mods (electro punk)- Ace of Cups

5-12 The Regrettes (punk/garage)- Newport

5-12 24kGoldn (pop rap)- A&R Music Bar

5-12 RDGLDGRN (alt hip hop rock)- Rumba Café

5-12 Pecos & The Rooftops (country pop)- The Bluestone

5-12 Bitch/Katie Cash (electro pop)- Natalies Grandview

5-12 Alvin Youngblood Hart (blues)- Natalies Worthington


5-13 Ben Rector (pop rock)- Kemba Live

5-13 AJR (inde pop)- Schottenstein Center

5-13 Ian Munsick (country pop)- The Bluestone

5-13 S. Carey (indie folk)- Rumba Café

5-13 The Floorwalkers (rock jam)- Natalies Grandview

5-13 Liz Longley (rock)- Natalies Worthington

5-13 Hatchie (dream pop)- Ace of Cups


5-14 Sarah Darling (country)- Woodlands Tavern

5-14 EarthGang (hip hop)- Kemba Live

5-14 Valerie June/Chasity Brown (americana/folk)- Athenaeum

5-14 Danielle Nicole (blues)- Rumba Café

5-14 Pom Pom Squad (indie rock pop)- Basement

5-14 Dawna/Mingo (country rock blues)- Natalies Grandview


5-15 Wage War (metal)- Newport

5-15 Shout Out Louds (indie rock)- Basement

5-15 Iration (raggae)- The Bluestone

5-15 Thousand Below (metal)- Big Room Bar

5-15 Ghost of Paul Revere (folk rock)- Woodlands Tavern

5-15 Davy Knowles (blues rock)- Natalies Grandview

5-15 South For Winter (folk)- Natalies Worthington


5-16 Justin Bieber (pop)- Schottenstein Center

5-16 Squirrel Flower/Mia Joy (indie folk)- Rumba Café


5-17 Suicide Silence (metal)- The King of Clubs

5-17 Wildstreet/Roxy Mae (rock)- Rumba Café

5-17 Slow Crush (shoegaze)- Big Room Bar

5-17 The Gilmour Project covers (prog rock)- The Bluestone

5-17 Telekinetic Yeti (stoner rock)- Ace of Cups


5-18 Halestorm/Stone Temple Pilots (rock)- Kemba Live

5-18 Shamarr Allen (jazz rock)- Woodlands Tavern

5-18 The Rumjacks (celtic punk)- Rumba Café

5-18 Kieran Kane&Rayna Gellert (folk)- Natalies Worthington


5-19 Whiskey Myers/Shane Smith (country)- Kemba Live

5-19 The Powell Brothers (country)- Rumba Café

5-19 Paul Cauthen (country)- The Bluestone

5-19 House of Hamill (celtic folk)- Natalies Grandview


5-20 Andy Maughan of Barefuzz- Woodlands Tavern

5-20 NLE Choppa (rap)- Newport

5-20 Martin Sexton/Jared Mahone (americana/folk)- Athenaeum

5-20 Afroman (hip hop)- Woodlands Tavern

5-20 Ben Sollee (contemporary)- Natalies Grandview


5-21 Town Mountain (bluegrass folk)- Woodlands Tavern

5-21 Slayyter (pop electropop)- A&R Music Bar

5-21 Jacob Collier (jazz funk)- Newport

5-21 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizzard (acid rock)- Kemba Live

5-21 Tori Amos (chamber rock)- Palace Theatre

5-21 John R. Miller/Vincent Neil Emerson (country)- Rumba Café


5-22 Bourbon House (blues rock)- Rumba Café


5-23 Russ (hip hop)- Kemba Live


5-24 Yam Haus/Kaki (pop synth funk)- Rumba Café


5-25 Arkells (alt rock)- A&R Music Bar

5-25 Telehope (alt rock)- Rumba Café

5-25 Harley Poe (horror folk punk)- Ace of Cups

5-25 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (hip hop R&B)- Newport


5-26 Tame Impala (psychedelic rock indie)- Kemba Live

5-26 The Beach Boys (rock surf)- Columbus Commons

5-26 Gabriel Kahane (folk)- Natalies Grandview


5-27 Jackyl (rock)- The King of Clubs

5-27 Of Two Minds/Tensor & Why Omen (various)- Rumba Café

5-27 Generacion Suicida (spanish inde rock)- Big Room Bar


5-28 Smashing Pumpkins (alt rock)- Kemba Live

5-28 The Majestics- Woodlands Tavern

5-28 Injury Reserve/Armand Hammer (hip hop)- Skully’s

5-28 Covet (prog rock psych rock)- Ace of Cups

5-28 The Spikedrivers (blues rock)- Rumba Café

5-28 Maria Walker (R&B jazz soul)- Natalies Grandview


5-29 Blackwater Holylight (psych rock)- Natalies Grandview