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*indicates a show on my personal radar this month. 

10-1 Sales (indie pop, alt/indie) Newport Music Hall
10-1 Denzel Curry w/AG Club (hip hop, rap) Kemba Live
10-1 Keller Williams (folk, loop) Woodlands Tavern*
10-1 Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets (psych rock) Palace Theatre*
10-1 Larry Fleet w/Megan Moroney (country) Bluestone*
10-1 Personal Public w/Harlor (electro, pop) Rumba Café
10-1 Day of the Sun w/The F-Bomb (hard rock) The Basement
10-1 The Deal Breakers (go go soul) Natalies Grandview
10-1 The Claudettes w/Bella Whitt (blues rock) Natalies Grandview
10-1 The Four Horsemen/Powerslave (metallica/iron maiden cover) The King of Clubs
10-1 Heatwave (funk/disco) Ace of Cups
10-1 Soraia, Hayley & The Crushers (hard rock) Spacebar
10-1 Miir w/Jordidge (soul,rap) Rambling House

10-2 Dinosaur Jr (alternative) Athenaeum*
10-2 Hoodoo Soul Band (soul) Rumba Café
10-2 Mayorkun (afrobeats) The King of Clubs
10-2 The Mummy Cats w/Friends w Elephants (alt indie) Rambling House

10-3 Mark Battles (rapper) Woodlands Tavern
10-3 Illiterate Light w/Wildermiss (alt indie) The Basement
10-3 Wolf Alice (alt rock) Newport Music Hall*
10-3 SayWeCanFly w/Johnnie Guilbert (emo indie pop) Rumba Café
10-3 Rivers of Nihil (metal) Ace of Cups

10-4 Duckwrth (hip hop, R&B) A&R Music Bar*
10-4 Dead Horses w/Will Overman (soul, folk) Rumba Café
10-4 KennyHoopla w/nothing, nowhere (indie, punk) Newport Music Hall

10-5 The Dip w/Dos Santos (pop,jazz,blues) Athenaeum
10-5 Superorganism/Blood Cultures (indie pop, synth) Skullys Music Diner*
10-5 Electric Six & The Supersuckers (rock) Rumba Café
10-5 Western Centuries (country) Natalies Grandview

10-6 Southern Culture On The Skids (country, rockabilly) Skullys Music Diner
10-6 Begonia w/Oft Dreamy (pop) Rumba Café*
10-6 Mark Rhodes and the Deviant Souls (soul R&B) Natalies Grandview
10-6 Happy Hour w/Oliver Penn (country blues) Woodlands Tavern
10-6 Eggy w/Marcus Rezak Band (jam) Summit Music Hall
10-6 Holy Pinto/Mild Mannered (indie pop) Spacebar

10-7 The Wonder Years (pop punk) The King of Clubs
10-7 Kaleta & Super Yamba Band/Spikedrivers (funk) Woodlands Tavern
10-7 Durry w/Boyshorts (indie rock) Ace of Cups
10-7 flor w/WLDLFE/good problem (indie) Newport Music Hall
10-7 Declan Mckenna w/Annie DiRusso (indie glam rock) Kemba Live
10-7 Iron Maiden (hard rock, metal) Nationwide Arena*
10-7 We Were Promised Jetpacks w/Breakup Shoes (indie/post punk) Skullys Music Diner
10-7 Magic Beans w/Deerskin + (pysch, electronic) Summit Music Hall
10-7 Agent Orange w/Dirty Rotten (punk hard rock) Rumba Café
10-7 Rexx Life Raj w/Travis Thompson (hip hop) The Basement
10-7 Marion Meadows w/Urban Jazz Coalition (jazz) Natalies Grandview
10-7 Poor Man’s Gambit w/The Lads (Irish) Rambling House

10-8 Shadow of Intent w/Enterprise Earth/Inferi (deathcore, metal) The King of Clubs
10-8 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) Newport Music Hall*
10-8 Kendell Marvel (country) The Basement
10-8 Doobie w/Caskey/Hylyte (hip hop, rap) Kemba Live
10-8 Cousin Simple (alt rock) A&R Music Bar
10-8 Lost Dog Street Band (country) The Bluestone*
10-8 Spent w/Bigfoot Duo (metal) Rumba Café
10-8 Sonny Landreth & Cindy Cashdollar (blues country) Natalies Grandview
10-8 Pollyanna (alt rock) Big Room Bar
10-8 A Cure For Love w/Pallette Knife (rock pop punk) Summit Music Hall
10-8 Rebreather, Bridesmaid (rock, stoner rock) Spacebar
10-8 Maya De Vitry (folk) Natalies Grandview

10-9 Jon Spencer & the HITmakers (rock, progressive) Rumba Café
10-9 Marc Rebillet (experimental funk soul comedy) Kemba Live*
10-9 John Moreland w/Caroline Spence (folk rock) Skullys Music Diner
10-9 Riz la Vie (alt indie hip hop) The Basement
10-9 The Who (classic rock) Schottenstein Center
10-9 Flavour (afro gospel) The King of Clubs
10-9 Pierre Bensusan (jazz world music) Natalies Grandview

10-11 Dead Poet Society w/BRKN Love (groove rock) The Basement
10-11 Stacy Mitchhart (blues) Woodlands Tavern
10-11 Giveon w/Jenevieve/RIMON (R&B) Kemba Live
10-11 Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (rock, americana) Rumba Café
10-11 Mapache (rock folk) Natalies Grandview
10-11 In The Morning – Big Room Bar
10-11 Guerilla Toss (rock) Spacebar

10-12 Marci w/Kelsey Olivia (synth pop) The Basement
10-12 David Nail’s Story to Tell w/Tyler Braden (country) The Bluestone
10-12 Mr. Sun (folk acoustic) Natalies Grandview
10-12 Chloe Moriondo (folk, indie) Skullys Music Diner

10-13 Ernest (country) Flannagan’s Dublin
10-13 Happy Hour-Organ Fairchild (jam various) Woodlands Tavern
10-13 William Fitzsimmons w/Stuart Smith (folk, indie) Woodlands Tavern
10-13 Rare Americans w/DYLYN (rock alt rock) The Basement
10-13 L7 w/Radkey (punk) Newport Music Hall
10-13 SG Lewis (R&B) Kemba Live
10-13 Danny Gokey, Jordan Feliz, Tasha Layton (Christian) Genoa Baptist Church
10-13 Blanco Brown (country rap) The Bluestone
10-13 Talisha Holmes Ensemble (jazz, R&B) Natalies Grandview
10-13 TJ George (R&B pop fusion) Natalies Grandview
10-13 Webbed Wing (rock) Big Room Bar
10-13 Manic Focus (experimental rock) Summit Music Hall

10-14 Awolnation w/Mysterines/Badflower (electronic alt rock) Kemba Live*
10-14 Michael Schenker w/Eric Martin (rock) The King of Clubs
10-14 Dan Wallace w/Tucker Munz (country) Woodlands Tavern
10-14 Maddie & Tae (country) The Bluestone
10-14 I Love The 90s Sweetest Day (R&B soul) Palace Theatre
10-14 black midi (alt rock) Athenaeum Theatre
10-14 The Millennium Tour-Turned Up! Bow Wow etc (hip hop rap) Schottenstein Center
10-14 Slift w/Garbage Greek (stoner rock) Rumba Café
10-14 Joey Aich w/Shelem/OG Vern (hip hop) A&R Music Bar
10-14 New Monarch w/Pray For Sleep (drone sludge metal) The Basement
10-14 The Moonbats (60s rock) Natalies Grandview
10-14 Wax Jackets (funk neo soul) Natalies Grandview
10-14 Liz Cooper (rock) Ace of Cups
10-14 Dirtwire (experimental bluegrass country) Summit Music Hall
10-14 Torrents, Matter of Planets (rock, metal) Spacebar
10-14 Megan Bee & The Goldsberrys (folk americana) Rambling House

10-15 Texas Hippie Coalition w/Audiocide (southern rock, metal) The King of Clubs
10-15 HEBDO w/DAWNA (adventure folk) Woodlands Tavern
10-15 Casting Crowns (Christian rock) Schottenstein Center*
10-15 Kid Bloom w/WizTheMc/Kevin Holliday (alt indie, synth) The Basement
10-15 Twin Temple w/Bridge City Sinners (rockabilly, punk folk) Newport Music Hall*
10-15 Mystic Braves (psych rock band) Rumba Café
10-15 Bill Toms & Hard Rain (rock) Natalies Grandview
10-15 Algernon Cadwallader  (emo indie) Ace of Cups
10-15 The Woosley Band w/Feral Cats/Lou Poster (indie rock) Rambling House

10-16 Cory Branan w/Boris Pelekh (alt country, rock folk) Rumba Cafe
10-16 Bad Suns w/Last Dinosaurs (alt indie dream pop) Newport Music Hall
10-16 General Guinness Band (folk) Natalies Grandview
10-16 Maggie Green Quartet (Brazilian, samba) Natalies Grandview
10-16 Three Dog Night (rock) Midland Theatre*
10-16 Handsome Jack w The High Definitions (blues and boogie) Rambling House
10-16 Rocktoberfest w/We The Vetis, more (rock,metal) Skullys Music Diner

10-17 Billy Woods w/ShrapKnel (hip hop) Rumba Cafe

10-18 The Airborne Toxic Event w/In The Valley Below (indie rock) Newport Music Hall*
10-18 Quicksand w/Shiner (rock post hardcore) A&R Music Bar
10-18 Clem Snide & Jill Andrews (alt country) Rumba Café

10-19 BabyJake w/Bird and Byron/Jordan Dean (dance hip hop R&B) The Basement
10-19 Zombi w/Brujas Del Sol (rock, prog rock) Rumba Café
10-19 Andy Woodson’s Pawpaw Orchestra (jazz/soul fusion) Natalies Grandview
10-19 Freedy Johnston (alt rock) Natalies Grandview
10-19 Future Teens (alt indie) Big Room Bar

10-20 Charlotte Sands w/John Harvie (pop rock) The Basement
10-20 Aesthetic Perfection (synth pop, rock) Summit Music Hall
10-20 Tauren Wells (pop hip hop) Palace Theatre
10-20 Hillbilly Casino w/Whiskey Daredevils (hip hop rockabilly) Rumba Café
10-20 Sunny Sweeney (country) Natalies Grandview
10-20 Tas Cru (blues) Natalies Grandview
10-20 Ashley Ray (country) Midland Theatre

10-21 Sabbath w/Jump (Black Sabbath/Van Halen cover) The King of Clubs
10-21 Rumpke Mountain Boys w/Dirty Grass Players (bluegrass) Woodlands Tavern
10-21 Caamp (folk, alt indie) Nationwide Arena
10-21 Barns Courtney (alt rock folk pop) Newport Music Hall
10-21 Gogol Bordello (polka punk rock) Kemba Live*
10-21 The Prince Experience (Prince cover) The Bluestone*
10-21 Lil Red & The Rooster (blues) Natalies Grandview
10-21 Starlit Ways (jazz, classics, pop) Natalies Grandview
10-21 Mo Lowda & The Humble w/SYLMAR (alt indie) Big Room Bar*
10-21 Zach Rushing w/Dustin Sims/Jesse Peyton (hip hop, country) Athenaeum
10-21 Labra Brothers w/Mark Lee Shannon/Thomas & Workmen (rock, indie) Rambling House
10-21 Barefuzz w/North 41/Chalk Dinosaur (jam) Summit Music Hall (night one)

10-22 Barefuzz w/North 41/Chalk Dinosaur (jam) Summit Music Hall (night two)
10-22 Turnstile w/Snail Mail (rock, punk, indie) Kemba Live*
10-22 Bumpin Uglies w/Kyle Smith (reggae) Woodlands Tavern
10-22 Cloudflower, The Retrospect (folk) Rumba Café
10-22 Insidient w/Pettibone/Dejected (metal) The King of Clubs
10-22 Sons of Gladys (Tom Petty tribute) Natalies Grandview
10-22 Tom Petty Tribute – Rambling House
10-22 Pavlo (mediterranean) Lincoln Theatre

10-23 Hoodie Allen (hip hop) Skullys Music Diner
10-23 Here Come The Mummies w/Saxsquatch (rock, shock, comedy) The Bluestone*
10-23 Saintseneca (folk rock band) Ace of Cups

10-24 Local H (alt rock, post grunge) The Basement
10-24 Mightmare (indie) Rumba Cafe

10-25 FKJ w/OHMA (jazz) Kemba Live*
10-25 Lucero w/LA Edwards (rock) Skullys Music Diner
10-25 Arcadian Wild w/Caleb Christopher Edwards (bluegrass, folk) Rumba Café
10-25 Tropical F&ck Storm (experimental rock punk) Ace of Cups*

10-26 Joe Hertler & Rainbow Seekers (rock americana folk) Woodlands Tavern
10-26 Highly Suspect w/Tigercub (hard rock grunge) Kemba Live*
10-26 Tonstartssbandht w/Mason Lindahl (psych rock, indie) Rumba Café
10-26 Traitors and Early James (alt rock) Ace of Cups
10-26 Rachel Bobbitt (indie) Big Room Bar
10-26 The Q-Tip Bandits, Forever Unknown (alt, indie) Spacebar

10-27 Corb Lund w/Lauren Morrow (country) Woodlands Tavern
10-27 Amanda Shires w/Honey Harper (folk, country) A&R Music Bar
10-27 Planet Booty w/Electro Cult Circus (electro funk) Rumba Cafe
10-27 Noah Thompson & HunterGirl (america, bluegrass) The Bluestone
10-27 Such Sweet Thunder (jazz) Natalies Grandview
10-27 Chris Gatton (pop jazz fusion) Natalies Grandview
10-27 Carly Cosgrove (rock post punk) Big Room Bar
10-27 Aaron Diehl Trio (jazz) Lincoln Theatre

10-28 Dread Engine w/Harmless Habit, Atimera+ (hard rock, metal) Newport Music Hall
10-28 Thunderstruck (ACDC cover) The King of Clubs
10-28 Fairbanks 142 (country rockabilly) Woodlands Tavern
10-28 Cover bands of Paramore, Queens of Stone Age (rock covers) Rumba Cafe
10-28 William Clark Green (country, southern rock) The Bluestone
10-28 The Moonbats (60s rock) Rambling House

10-29 Accept w/Narcotic Wasteland (metal) The King of Clubs
10-29 Fortunate Youth w/Arise Roots/Joe Samba (reggae) Woodlands Tavern
10-29 Ekoostik Hookah (psych rock, jam) Newport Music Hall
10-29 Flicker Fade/A Tiger Made of Lightning (emo night) Rumba Cafe
10-29 R&B Experience w/Monica, Tevin Campbell+ (R&B) Nationwide Arena*
10-29 Stretch Lefty (hip hop raggae fusion) A&R Music Bar
10-29 Dave Buker & The Historians (electronic folk/americana) Natalies Grandview
10-29 Dizgo w/LITZ, Gunk (jam) Summit Music Hall

10-30 Torrian Ball w/Chelsea Pastel (R&B hip hop) The Basement
10-30 Girl Fox, Space Kid, Lipstick (indie punk) Summit Music Hall

10-31 Kitchen Dwellers  Daniel Donato (country) Woodlands Tavern
10-31 Josey Scott w/Seven Year Witch (hard rock, nu metal) The King of Clubs

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