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*these are some shows that are on my radar for the month. Maybe I’ll see you there!

9-1 The Hooten Hallers (blues rock) Woodlands Tavern*
9-1 The Beths (indie rock) A&R Music Bar
9-1 Little Bird (ambient, jazz) Rumba Café
9-1 Vanessa Collier (blues) Natalies Grandview
9-1 Rozwell Kid (indie rock) Ace of Cups Bar
9-1 Starjuice, A-go-go, etc (punk, indie) The Spacebar

9-2 311 (alternative/reggae rock) Kemba Live*
9-2 Stoner (blues rock) Ace of Cups Bar*
9-2 Thursday w/Anthony Green (post hardcore, emo) Skullys Music Diner
9-2 Yachotopia (yacht rock) Rumba Café
9-2 Movie Pink Floyd The Wall (prog rock) () The King of Clubs
9-2 Albert Cummings (blues) Natalies Grandview
9-2 Vance Gilbert (folk, jazz) Natalies Worthington*
9-2 Dynamo Fuzz (rock) Summit Music Hall
9-2 FireHouse (rock) Midland Theatre*

9-3 Heatwave (soul, R&B, funk) Ace of Cups Bar
9-3 Upon a Burning Body (metalcore) The King of Clubs
9-3 MethMatics, Electric Hand, Mr. Tiger (punk) Rumba Café
9-3 Tony Hagood Quartet (jazz) Natalies Grandview
9-3 Soulfest 2022 (soul) Civic Center*
9-3 Ciarra Fragale (alt indie) The Spacebar

9-4 The Shins (indie rock) Kemba Live*
9-4 Bad Omens w/Avoid (metalcore) The King of Clubs
9-4 Set It Off (alt indie) Newport Music Hall
9-4 Snail Mail w/Momma & Hotline TNT (indie rock) Athenaeum Theatre*
9-4 Friends of John Henry Benefit Blues Show (blues) Natalies Grandview
9-4 Adam O’Farrill’s Stranger Days (jazz) Natalies Worthington*
9-4 Into It. Over It. (rock) Ace of Cups Bar

9-6 Blacktop Mojo Ace of Cups Bar
9-6 Victor Wooten Bass Extremes (jazz, world) Woodlands Tavern*
9-6 Built To Spill w/French Tips & Orua (rock) Athenaeum Theatre
9-6 Magic City Hippies/Okey Dokey (alt pop) A&R Music Bar

9-7 The Friel Sisters (Irish music) Natalies Grandview
9-7 Zao (metalcore) Ace of Cups Bar

9-8 Fozzy (rock) The King of Clubs*
9-8 Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle (Americana) Woodlands Tavern*
9-8 Eli Young Band (country) Bluestone*
9-8 Eric Clapton (rock) Schottenstein Center*
9-8 Imber Solis (alt pop) Natalies Grandview
9-8 Mega Ran, Slopfunkdust  (hip hop, rap) The Spacebar

9-9 Psychostick (comedy metal) The King of Clubs*
9-9 Johnny Rawls w/Deuce N A Quarter (soul blues) Natalies Grandview*
9-9 Etana (reggae pop) Woodlands Tavern
9-9 Jimmy Eat World (alternative, emo pop) Kemba Live
9-9 Anna Vaus (country) The Basement
9-9 Ninja Sex Party (comedy rock) Southern Theatre*
9-9 Creeping Death (metal hardcore) Ace of Cups Bar
9-9 Damon Locks’ Black Monument Ensemble (afro, world) Lincoln Theatre*
9-9 Coastlands, Bone Knife  (metal, instrumental) The Spacebar

9-10 Tribute to Neil Peart & Rush (rock) Natalies Grandview
9-10 Stryper (rock) The King of Clubs
9-10 Cash Only (Johnny Cash Tribute) Woodlands Tavern
9-10 Front 242 (electronic, industrial) Skullys Music Diner*
9-10 Surfbort (punk indie) Rumba Café
9-10 The Shootouts (country blues) Natalies Grandview
9-10 Jady (indie pop) The Basement

9-11 Jamey Johnson (country) Kemba Live*
9-11 Jungle (funk, soul, R&B) Newport Music Hall*
9-11 Motion City Soundtrack (rock) The Bluestone
9-11 Lui (indie) Natalies Grandview
9-11 Violinist Christian Howes (jazz) Natalies Grandview

9-12 Father John Misty (indie rock, folk) Kemba Live*
9-12 Demon Hunter (Christian metal) The King of Clubs
9-12 H20 (punk) Ace of Cups Bar

9-13 My Morning Jacket (indie/alternative) Kemba Live*
9-13 Mary Gauthier (American folk) Natalies Grandview

9-14 Murphys Law (punk) Rumba Café
9-14 Barely Peeled (Phish/Dead Tribute) Summit Music Hall
9-14 Emperor X, Hi Helen, Bogatir  (folk, experimental, indie) The Spacebar

9-15 Easton Corbin (country) Flannagans Dublin
9-15 Pink Talking Fish w/Squeaky Feet (progressive, jam) Woodlands Tavern*
9-15 Brooks Nielsen (alt, indie) A&R Music Bar*
9-15 Matt Stell (country) The Bluestone
9-15 Heatwave-Music of Linda Ronstadt (country, rock) Natalies Grandview

9-16 Ron Keel Band (rock) The King of Clubs
9-16 Briston Maroney (alt indie) Newport Music Hall
9-16 King Burffalo (psych rock) A&R Music Bar*
9-16 The Front Bottoms (emo rock) Kemba Live
9-16 Tony Monaco Trio (jazz) Woodlands Tavern
9-16 Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys (western swing) Natalies Grandview
9-16 David Wax Museum Duo (folk) Natalies Grandview
9-16 Haunt, Seven Sisters (heavy metal) Ace of Cups Bar
9-16 Southern Soul Music Festival (soul) Palace Theatre
9-16 Jim and Susie Malcolm (folk) McConnell Arts

9-17 Ruthie Foster (blues, jazz, soul) Natalies Grandview
9-17 Jennifer Knapp (folk rock) Rumba Café
9-17 Marcus King (blues rock) Kemba Live*
9-17 glaive (pop) A&R Music Bar
9-17 Spaceface w/Hydrone (psych rock) Rumba Café
9-17 Light The Torch, Nekrogoblikon (metal) The King of Clubs
9-17 Gordon Lightfoot (folk) Riffe Center*

9-18 Pusha T (rap) Kemba Live
9-18 Dawes & Bahamas (folk indie rock) Athenaeum Theatre
9-18 Post Malone (R&B, pop, hip hop) Nationwide Arena
9-18 Ferd (folk n fiddle) Natalies Grandview
9-18 Omerta (metal) Ace of Cups Bar
9-18 Keep Flying (rock) Summit Music Hall

9-19 Mom Jeans w/Free Throw, Just Friends (alt, indie) Athenaeum Theatre
9-19 Ben Platt (pop) Schottenstein Center

9-20 In This Moment (alt metal, metlacore) Kemba Live*
9-20 The Luka State (indie rock) The Basement
9-20 TK & The Holy Know Nothings (rock western) Woodlands Tavern
9-20 Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave (jazz) Newport Music Hall*
9-20 The Unlikely Candidates (indie rock) Rumba Café
9-20 Joe Purdy (folk, pop) Natalies Grandview
9-20 Unearth and Madball (metal) Ace of Cups Bar

9-21 Panic! At The Disco (pop) Nationwide Arena
9-21 Lacuna Coil (metal, hard rock) The King of Clubs*
9-21 Old 97’s (alternative country) The Bluestone
9-21 Griffin House (folk, pop) Natalies Grandview
9-21 Iain Matthews (acoustic folk) Natalies Grandview
9-21 An Evening w Wand (prog rock, garage rock) Ace of Cups Bar

9-22 Disturbed/Dirty Honey (nu-metal, rock) Kemba Live*
9-22 Pale Waves w/Gaitlin (indie) Skullys Music Diner
9-22 Walter Trout (blues rock) Natalies Grandview*
9-22 James Gaiters Muv-ment (soul) Natalies Grandview
9-22 Melt (indie soul) Ace of Cups Bar
9-22 Mike Farris (blues rock) Midland Theatre

9-23 Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP (rap) Summit Music Hall
9-23 The Head and the Heart w/Skakey Graves (indie folk) Kemba Live*
9-23 Keith Urban (country) Nationwide Arena*
9-23 The 502s (alt folk) The Basement
9-23 Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (country) The Bluestone
9-23 Steadfast Music Festival 2022 (alt indie etc) Natalies Grandview
9-23 Airbourne w/The Native Howl (rock) Skullys Music Diner

9-24 Artifax, X Factor, etc (rock, metal) The King of Clubs
9-24 Buffalo Rose w/Jeffrey Forrester Tobin (bluegrass folk) Rambling House
9-24 Steve Kimock & Friends (jazz jam) Woodlands Tavern
9-24 Ivan & Alyosha (indie pop) Ace of Cups Bar

9-25 Noah Vonne (alt, indie pop) Rumba Café
9-25 Meshuggah (metal) Kemba Live*
9-25 Iceage & Earth (punk) Skullys Music Diner
9-25 Tessa Violet (pop) A&R Music Bar*

9-26 Death Cab for Cutie w/Low (indie) Kemba Live*
9-26 The Melvins (experimental, sludge) A&R Music Bar*

9-27 Brother Ali w/Mally (hip hop, rap) Woodlands Tavern
9-27 Neighbor Lady (alt indie) Ace of Cups Bar

9-28 Ricky Montgomery (pop) A&R Music Bar
9-28 Big Wild (electronic dance) Kemba Live
9-28 Jamestown Revival w/Robert Ellis (folk country) Athenaeum Theatre
9-28 American Aquarium (rock country) The Bluestone
9-28 Melissa Etheridge (rock blues country) McCoy Center*
9-28 Jeff Plankenhorn (folk blues) Natalies Grandview
9-28 Cody Webb (country) Woodlands Tavern

9-29 Such Sweet Thunder (blues jazz) Natalies Grandview
9-29 Payale Royale w/Mod Sun (art rock glam rock) Kemba Live*
9-29 The Kingston Trio (folk pop) Riffe Center
9-29 Evanoff (electronic) Summit Music Hall*

9-30 Alex Williams (country) Woodlands Tavern
9-30 The Cadillac Three (southern country rock) The Bluestone*
9-30 Conan Gray (pop) Kemba Live
9-30 Nate Smith w/Carter Faith (country) Rumba Café*
9-30 Four Year Strong, Microwave (pop punk, hardcore) The King of Clubs
9-30 The Phantom Grins, Bundy & The Spins etc (punk, rock) Ace of Cups Bar