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*indicates a show on my personal radar this month. 

11-1 Well Read/Namby Pamby/Third Culture Kid (Lo fi Shoegaze) Rumba Cafe11-1 Scott H Biram (blues, punk, country) Natalies Grandview11-1 Slaid Cleave (folk) Natalies Grandview11-1 Attack Attack!,Outline in Color + (metalcore) The King of Clubs

11-2 Flipturn (alt indie) The Basement11-2 Robot Monster (rock) Rumba Café11-2 The Mighty Troubadours (bluegrass) Natalies Grandview

11-3 Venom Inc (metal) The King of Clubs11-3 Cooper Alan (country) The Bluestone11-3 Girl Talk (EDM) Kemba Live11-3 William Elliott Whitmore w/Adeem The Artist (blues folk) Rumba Café11-3 The Record Company (alt indie) Newport Music Hall11-3 Karla Bonoff (folk country pop) Natalies Grandview11-3 Danny Schmidt, Bruce Dalzell (folk) Natalies Grandview11-3 Field Medic (folk lo-fi) Ace of Cups

11-4 Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills (metal) Kemba Live*11-4 Ella Jane (indie pop) Big Room Bar11-4 Warren Zeiders (country) Newport11-4 Wheatus (alt indie) Basement11-4 Reba McEntire (country) Nationwide Arena*11-4 Copeland w/Wildermiss (alt inde emo) Skullys Music Diner11-4 Yachtopia (yacht rock) Rumba Café11-4 Whitmer Thomas (music comedy) Ace of Cups11-4 Staight On, Invincible (Heart/Pat Benatar Tribute) The King of Clubs11-4 Willy Porter Band (folk americana) Natalies Grandview11-4 Midwest Modern Jazz Quartet (jazz) Natalies Grandview11-4 Straw & The Scarecrows,Cicconetti Bros (folk) Rambling House11-4 The Werks night 1 (psych jam) Summit Music Hall

11-5 The Werks night 2 (psych jam) Summit Music Hall11-5 Kbong & Johnny Cosmic w/Dubbest & Bredan (reggae) Woodlands Tavern*11-5 Bartees Strange (alt indie) Basement*11-5 Rumours of Fleetwood Mac (classic rock) Kemba Live*11-5 Brandon Lake (Christian) Naz Church Grove City11-5 Davy Knowles (blues) Natalies Grandview11-5 Schizophonics (alt indie soul) Ace of Cups*11-5 She Wants Revenge w/Chameleons (alt indie EMD) Rumba Café11-5 Dirty Dancing in Concert (dancing pop) Palace Theatre11-5 Bilmuri, Knox, Harbour (alt rock) Newport Music Hall11-5 Stone Temple Prophets, Alice Unchained (tributes) The King of Clubs11-5 Shaun Booker Dammit Band (blues) Natalies Grandview11-5 Bridget Kibbey,Harpist & Alexi Kenney (classical) Southern Theatre11-5 Caitlin Kraus, Hello Emerson (folk rock) Rambling House

11-6 Bella’s Bartok (folk) Woodlands Tavern11-6 Dayglow (alt indie pop) Kemba Live11-6 Seventh Day Slumber, Artifax, more (rock metal) The King of Clubs11-6 Tim Easton (folk blues rock) Natalies Grandview

11-7 John Mceuen & the Circle Band (bluegrass) Natalies Grandview

11-8 Night Spins, Mane & Orange Animal (garage, metal) Woodlands Tavern11-8 Men I Trust (indie jazz R&B) Athenaeum Theatre11-8 Rachel Yamagata w/Sandy Bell (adult alt pop) Rumba Café11-8 Mania the ABBA tribute (pop rock) Riffe Center Theatre Complex

11-9 Jake Scott (rockabilly country) Newport Music Hall11-9 The Surfrajettes w/Autopilot (various cover) Rumba Café11-9 Beauty School Dropout, Jager Henry, Outsider Heart (alt indie) Basement11-9 Adam Ezra Group w/Ben Gage (folk rock) Natalies Grandview11-9 The Obsessed, Mothership (metal) Ace of Cups11-9 Flippo Tribute to Elton John (tribute) McConnel Arts Center

11-10 Sun Room, Rebounder (alt, surf rock) A&R Music Bar11-10 Chase Rice (country) The Bluestone*11-10 Super American and Young Culture (punk, rock) Big Room Bar11-10 Games We Play, Pmbata (indie alt) Ace of Cups11-10 Michael W Smith (Christian) Davidson Theatre*11-10 Trek Manifest w/Cherimondis J (hip hop rap) Natalies Grandview11-10 The Honey Dewdrops (folk) Natalies Grandview11-10 Annie Sellick & Pat Bergenson (jazz soul) Midland Theatre11-10 Katy Guillen & The Drive (blues rock) Rambling House

11-11 Rodney Crowell (country blues pop) Natalies Grandview11-11 The Slocan Ramblers (bluegrass) Natalies Grandview11-11 Cathedral Bells (dream pop) Big Room Bar11-11 Restless Road, Greylan James (country) A&R Music Bar11-11 Priscilla Block (country pop) The Bluestone11-11 Daniel Nunnelee (folk indie) Rumba Café*11-11 Dopapod night 1 (jam, progressive) Woodlands Tavern

11-12 Dopapod night 2 (jam, progressive) Woodlands Tavern11-12 Brian Culbertson (jazz, R&B, funk) Riffe Center Theatre Complex11-12 Last In Line, Resist & Bite (hard rock,metal) The King of Clubs11-12 Gyasi (rock indie) Rambling House*11-12 Vonnegulooza (folk various) Natalies Grandview11-12 Karen Waldrup (country) Natalies Grandview11-12 Illogic (hip hop) Big Room Bar11-12 Welshly Arms w/Truslow (blues rock indie) Rumba Café11-12 Karen Waldrup (country) Natalies Grandview

11-13 VetsAid-James Gang/NIN/Black Keys+ (rock charity) Nationwide Arena*11-13 The Happy Fits, Daisy the Great, Phoneboy (indie) Newport Music Hall11-13 Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses (indie) Natalies Grandview*11-13 Turnover (alt indie shoegaze) The Bluestone11-13 The Dangerous Summer, Like Pacific (rock) Ace of Cups11-13 Seth Anthony and Hard Target, Durte (country rock rap) The King of Clubs

11-14 Five Finger Death Punch w/Brantley Gilbert (metal,country) Schottenstein*11-14 Christian Lopez w/JD Eicher (folk rock americana) Rumba Café11-14 SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Foreign Hands+ (metal) Ace of Cups

11-15 Nightly, vaultboy (indie electro pop) A&R Music Bar11-15 Fox Royale (indie alt folk) Rumba Café11-15 Corrosion of Conformity (rock) Ace of Cups*

11-16 The Garden, Machine Girl (experimental, punk rock) Newport Music Hall11-16 Jorma Kaukonen w/John Hurlbut (blues rock folk) Natalies Grandview*11-16 Liam St John (blues rock) Rumba Café11-16 Miss Tess (jazz rock blues) Natalies Grandview

11-17 Pluko w/yacht club. (alt electonic music) Rumba Café11-17 Matt Stell (country) The Bluestone11-17 Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials (blues) Natalies Grandview11-17 Donna Mogavero (rock country folk) Natalies Grandview11-17 Joint Operation (rock indie) Summit Music Hall11-17 VOLA, earthside (experimental, psych) Ace of Cups*

11-18 Russell Dickerson, Drew Green (country) Kemba Live*11-18 Rod Wave (soul trap, hip hop) Nationwide Arena11-18 Ernest (country) The Bluestone11-18 Semler (Christian) Big Room Bar11-18 Jimi Hendrix Tribute (rock) Rumba Café*11-18 The Broken Relics, Cozen (alt indie) Basement11-18 George Barrie Band (blues rock) Summit Music Hall11-18 Tribute to The Last Waltz (rock) Newport Music Hall*11-18 New Music Movement #4 (local) The King of Clubs11-18 Chris Trapper (acoustic folk) Natalies Grandview11-18 Cameron Carpenter Organ Festival (classical) Ohio Theatre

11-19 Quasi Kings, Nova, pRODUCT, LeviBrown (reggae,rock) Woodlands Tavern*11-19 Brother Elsey, Oliver Howard (folk rock) Basement*11-19 Soul Glo (hardcore punk) Big Room Bar11-19 Los Tigres del Norte (Mexican) Palace Theatre11-19 Black Flag, RSOL, Dickies (punk) The King of Clubs11-19 Nicholas D’Andrea, Ramey (americana folk) Natalies Grandview11-19 Long Tall Deb & Colin John + (blues rock) Natalies Grandview11-19 Sorry (alt indie, electronic dance) Ace of Cups11-19 A Tiger Made of Lightning (rock) Summit Music Hall

11-20 Rock & Roll Playhouse plays Phish (kids jam) Woodlands Tavern*11-20 School of Rock Dublin (kids) Woodlands Tavern11-20 Chrissy T (soul) Natalies Grandview11-20 Kick The Cat, Grello (jam) Summit Music Hall

11-23 Hoodoo Soul Thanksgiving (funk R&B) Rumba Café11-23 Angela Perley (country americana) Natalies Grandview

11-25 Disq, Ducks Ltd (indie rock) Basement11-25 Charley Crockett, Greyhounds (blues americana) Newport Music Hall11-25 The Spikedrivers (blues) Rumba Café11-25 The Godz Resurrected (rock) The King of Clubs11-25 Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Tribute) Summit Music Hall11-25 Flippo Joni Mitchell tribute (tribute) Natalies Grandview*11-26 Prince Project (music of Prince) The King of Clubs*11-26 Steven King & Good Reverend (metal) Rumba Café11-26 African Live Jam w/Wally B.Seck (Senegalese) Kemba Live11-26 Fo/Mo/Deep (groove) Natalies Grandview11-26 Wolves At The Gate (metalcore) Ace of Cups

11-27 Machine Head (metal) A&R Music Bar*11-27 The Plot In You, Silent Planet, Avoid (metal, rock) The King of Clubs11-27 Tribute to J Hartford, Appalachian Swing (bluegrass) Natalies Grandview

11-29 Charlie Parr (country blues) Rumba Café

11-30 W.A.S.P. (rock) The King of Clubs11-30 Hembree & Little Hurt, Kid Baron (alt indie) Basement*11-30 lespecial, Sunsquabi (psych rock) Summit Music Hall

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